As a kid I always wanted to be a stunt driver after seeing the French hell drivers at the speedway one night with the family. Well it was this or score the winning goal in the World Cup final.

Then the band Kiss came into my life. Maybe it was because we had cats as
pets or something, but I was drawn to the drummer Peter Criss. So my folks bought me a kit and I played it non-stop. Since then I've always wanted to drum, its the only thing I wanna do and can do I think! Studied a bit of music in New Zealand then moved to Australia and studied some more. Became a bit of a jazz head and grew some goatee's, though when I met Hossi I knew I would never have facial hair that good.

Moved to London, and was saved by rock. Met up with Phil through Dave Meegan. Yaada Yaada.....

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