What is the story behind the name White Buffalo?

Phil: "The name comes from a song of the same name which was on my solo album, 'Fresh New Life'. The song title was inspired by an episode of the X-Files where Mulder gets shot and is cared for by some old Indians. They do some weird ritual where in effect he dies and is reborn. At the same time as he recovers, a white buffalo calf is born on another reservation. The white buffalo symbolises a whole lot of things to many North American Indians, but the whole re-birth thing was the main motivation in calling the band White Buffalo."


What is 'Fresh New Life' and where can I get it?

'Fresh New Life' was the solo album Phil made on EMI records, released at the end of 1997. Musically the sound of the record is mellower than 'Waiting To Go Home' and features full string arrangements on tracks such as "Hope Faith And You", whilst the rockier elements are also there to be heard on "Revolution Babies" for example. Evan drummed and Matt Round played bass in the days before Hossi was about.

Produced by Dave Meegan, 'Fresh New Life' has become a little like the holy grail... folk spend a lot of time and effort trying to track an original copy down, with crazy prices often refelcting it's perceived value. Keep an eye on www.gemm.com , www.ebay.com or your local used / collectors store for your copy. Rare as they are the discs do often come up for sale. Don't hold your breath for the ultimate rarity though... the four track Phil Campbell Band demo CD of which only 50 were ever pressed!

Please note that White Buffalo & Stamina Wax have no copies of either of these releases for sale, though we are sure there are folk out there who will trade a copy for you.

Is it my eyes or does Hossi have tattooed fingers?

It's your eyes!

What is Stamina Wax?

Stamina Wax is the label set-up by White Buffalo and their management in the face of the record industry's current fixation on manufactured pop 'music'. The thinking behind the label is for a safe and secure place for the band to release their music without the constraints you would usually be bound by in the conventional recording contract scenario. In essence the band can do what they like as it is their label!

Phil came up with the initial design for the logo, and whilst there are no current plans for releasing music by any other acts it is hoped that once Stamina Wax is established this could be the case and it could start accepting demo material. The first Stamina Wax release was the 'Waiting To Go Home' (stamwax1) album, which is being sold worldwide exclusively at the webshop, as well as in HMV & Fopp stores in the UK.
What is the name of the hidden song on ‘Waiting To Go Home’?

This song is called Timebomb George and appears after the final track 'Some Life (And I Wish)'. After some silence the fade out of 'Some Life' is faded back in reverse, building to the moment when "Timebomb George" crashes in. The song's inspiration was a homeless man Phil would often speak to a few years back when he lived in Fulham, London.
What is the significance of the clock and the other items on the cover of 'Waiting To Go Home'?

Ahhhh, well some items certainly are significant... answers on a postcard please!

What or who are White Buffalo's main influences?

Ev, Hossi & Phil have different personal influences (usually covered on their own pages on this site), but as a group they are mostly influenced by rock acts like Weezer, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Rage Against The Machine, Queens Of The Stone Age and Led Zeppelin. Other influences include Tom Waits, Soul Coughing and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Mainly they are into bands who do their own thing their own way and who don't take themselves too seriously.