HMV & Fopp are stocking "Waiting To Go Home" in-stores now!

As we revealed recently, White Buffalo have launched their very own record label, Stamina Wax. The debut release is the re-press of the 'Waiting To Go Home' CD (stamwax1). To celebrate the release the disc is available at a new price of just £10 from the webshop.

Leading UK nationwide independent record chain Fopp are also stocking the disc, whilst we are pretty stoked that selected HMV stores will also be on board from early next week.

Phil is "pretty amped about Stamina Wax and the news about HMV and Fopp. Biting the bullet and deciding that the record - sorry - marketing companies can go feck themselves has been pretty liberating to say the least. I'm excited like I haven't been since I was making 4-track tapes in my bedroom as a lad.... awww them were the days (cue Hovis ad music). More and more bands are doing this and I'm proud to be part of what is the new music industry."

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