Hossi Goes Fishing ...

More mysteriousness from Hossi:

"Before I stopped eating meat I used to enjoy fishing. I knew a secret spot - and I won't give you any clues as to where it is, other than to say that if I did, that would be telling.

There were two old men who also knew the secret spot I fished at and they had been there forever. One morning I only noticed them once I had reached the banks of the river. "You can't fish here no more" said Cletus, "this here's company land now." Amos said "Hoo-wee looks like he gonna ride to market on another man's horse!"

Anyhow I selected a fly from the candy shop array I had laid before me and attached it to my line. Cletus said "Yessir - I'm goin' sit here and watch you fish."

"Hoo-wee! The neighbours are out but they left the curtains open and the TV set on!" said Amos.

The line hissed in the breeze and the river swallowed the sinker with a satisfied gulp. "You ain't never goin' catch no fish with that manner of technique..." laughed Cletus "all you gonna do is scare 'em off!"

"Hoo-wee!" said Amos "He's made a san'wich for the step chillun' with bees instead of honey!"

With practised patience I stood at the banks of the river. My finger keeping tension on the line was a third ear that listened keenly to the broadcast from the water. Cletus clicked his tongue against his teeth. "See, lookit here... nothin' doin', nothin' doin'." He shook his head mornfully. "Hoo-wee!" Amos said "The groom's the only man in church!"

I'm not sure why the fish didn't bite that day. As I set for home I heard Cletus yell "Yessir" from the distance, continuing "them fishies makes up they own mind who's table they wind up on."

"Hoo-wee!" answered Amos "You can't teach paint to roll like smoke!"

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