Some Recent Press

"London based White Buffalo are a storming band with energy, drive and leanings towards Pearl Jam, Lynyrd Skynrd and Nirvana. High echelon comparisons but I can assure you they are that good. Excellent vocals and melody that would not be out of place in any size venue in front of any rock crowd; Phil, Hossi and Evan come together in fine fashion to create something very special." — CRS on "Waiting To Go Home" album.

"Waiting For The Big Time: Hearing White Buffalo live is an essential experience. The band is quite simply one of the best live acts around and its new CD 'Waiting To Go Home' is an excellent refelction of the diversity of this London based three piece. For those looking to replace overplayed Nickelback, Coldplay and Chili Peppers albums, look no further. White Buffalo's long awaited album kicks into touch the wave of annoying 'youth' rockers by showing them exactly how it's done. From the Nirvana-esque 'All Or Nothing' through to the expertly crafted secret track, 'Waiting To Go Home' takes the listener on a roller coaster ride rising to explosive guitar tracks and dipping to quiet piano ballads. Phil Campbell's gravelly vocals carry the powerful melodies superbly and this album is so well produced and mixed that the only way you will hear better music is to see WB live! If you buy one rock album this year make it this one. *****"
Waiting For The Big Time' from 'The Walk' magazine.

"Astounding stuff… a unique urgency, vitality, passion, and openness… one of the finest and most versatile rock voices around today, while the band's diverse and intimate songwriting is peerless. White Buffalo deserve the sort of electronic media attention devoted to the likes of Coldplay and other hyped bands. Brilliant melody, wonderful lyrics and one of the finest rock vocal and instrumental performances I have heard on record this year. Essential. 5/5." — on "Waiting To Go Home" album.

"A world away from the mass media's over-riding continual obsession with Pop Idol fare… White Buffalo are - shock horror - a rock band simmering with feeling and emotion. Deep felt passion from front man Campbell, well rounded backing that rises and falls around him, setting and matching the mood. A mix that stirs and soothes the soul… could easily lead to fame and fortune, major label status beckons." —Q Sheet, 'Rhodes Rave' Single of the month ("Porcelain Skin")

"Who the f*ck are White Buffalo, I hear you ask? Unsigned and hence unknown to many, this show saw me struck in the nuts with no relief until the siren sounded. Their bootleg has since quickly risen to sit alongside U2 at the top of the tape stack. There have been comparisons made to Tom Petty, but as the Heartbreakers go freefalling into oblivion after two songs, White Buffalo have a full set and then some of impressively rounded air guitar-worthy rock. They're here for good. —Sean McFerran in SX

"Mesmerizing" —Top Magazine

"I don't know why but it sounds like it could be a big hit in Ireland. I can hear a Dylan influence. It's a grower, but once it gets you, it refuses to let go." —Graham Clark (Maximum FM) on "Porcelain Skin"

"It feels faintly ridiculous to review the London trio in a demo column, as Grammy winner Matt Howe produces them. But, surely only because they look all old, and unfashionable on the sleeve, it's more absurd that they're unsigned. Powerful grunge in the Stone Temple Pilots mould, theirs remains a sound crying out for wider attention. 4/5" —Channel 4 Teletext.